We launched with a few hats back in 2016... Now we've evolved into a premium athleisure brand designed for athletes, dreamers and individuals seeking a greater purpose.

We have been inspired by the feeling of playing sports growing up and having a powerful sense of purpose in that atmosphere. We've experienced times in our life where we become fully invested in a certain activity or reaching a goal that challenges us and keeps us pushing forward to breakthrough. That is where we unlock our full potential, perform our best and need to be clutch.

Inspired by those experiences, BCLUTCH was founded and we integrated that mindset in creating a top quality apparel brand.

The Name

Our name is exactly as it sounds. BCLUTCH = Be Clutch. Our trademarked logo is the B & C combined into one.

In sports, being clutch is being able to perform under pressure. Scoring a game winning goal is clutch. Leading your team back from behind is clutch. When applied to life, we believe clutch is exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. We believe our brand and apparel is a reminder to help us achieve our goals in everything we pursue in life.

Who We Are

 We are a premium athletic brand designed in Canada.

We aim to create the highest quality garments.

We leave nothing to chance in the pursuit of crafting high quality apparel & are extremely particular about the finer details of what we create. 

We're best known for our high quality apparel & clutch customer service.

We are inspired by the never-ending journey of becoming the best one can be.

We are on a mission to be better today than we were yesterday.


We are proud supporters of the SickKids Foundation. A portion of every sale is donated to the charity on a monthly basis.