CrossFit. Arguably the greatest fitness phenomenon in recent years, CrossFit as defined on Google is a high-intensity fitness program incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercise. It is a training program that prepares the individual for the “unknown & unknowable.”

While there are many free workout programs out there for individuals to follow and train to compete in CrossFit, this program is not. We wanted to design a program for individuals that want to train like an athlete, who still play a sport, don’t play a sport or don’t care to compete in CrossFit. This program will leverage the known. This program will allow an individual to follow this at any gym. This program will focus on strength & conditioning. This program will be designed to take approximately 60 minutes of your day. Finally, this program has one simple goal: to make you a bigger, stronger, faster & more conditioned individual. 

Why BCLUTCH PLAY? We want heading to the gym to be fun. We know training can be tough but we wanted to create something that you can follow day in & day out waking up every morning excited & ready to attack the session instead of having a boring workout regimen where you're doing the same thing every week. 

When training for a sport, requirements are very clear. Our intention is to improve the most vital biomarkers for ultimate success… That includes posture, strength, stability, power, speed, conditioning & the ability to move through space. Whether you’re playing a sport or not, those are all great attributes to add as an individual. Again, this program is intended to be a general strength & conditioning program for athletes of any sport or individuals with varying & unknown training backgrounds, skill levels, physical & mental characteristics, genetics, as well as mindset.

Our core work will be focused on strength. The strength portion is simple & repeats each week. It will look something like this:

Monday – Squats & Overhead Press

Tuesday – Deadlifts

Wednesday – Power Cleans or REST

Thursday – REST

Friday – Squats & Bench Press

Get to know the SQUAT as it will be the foundation of this program as it is known as the “universal athletic position.”

REST – regardless of what training level background you have, everyone needs to rest. We prefer training Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & then resting on Thursday but if you prefer you can go Monday, Tuesday, rest Wednesday, back at it Thursday, Friday & Saturday, with Sunday being another important rest day.

Saturday’s will be for conditioning & bodybuilding accessory work (yes, we will mix in some bicep curls).

The conditioning work this program will provide will be known as the GOD (Grinder Of The Day). This will be the volume work, accessory work, metabolic conditioning work or in simpler terms, cardio. This will be to improve your overall conditioning. We don’t train specific body parts. Our goal is to train energy systems & get you moving. It will always incorporate Full Body workouts.

The program now looks something like this:

Monday – Squats & Overhead Press + conditioning

Tuesday – Deadlifts + conditioning

Wednesday – Power Cleans + conditioning or REST

Thursday – REST

Friday – Squats & Bench Press + conditioning

Saturday – Conditioning + bodybuilding

Sunday – REST

The timing of the workout should look like this:

10 minute warm up

30-40 minutes on the Strength portion

10-20 minutes on the Conditioning portion (varies everyday)

10 minute cool down

Please do not push for better or heavier lifts at the expense of compromising your posture, position & quality of movement. The aspect of our program isn’t a “test”. It’s just simple training to improve your athleticism & to prepare you for the test that comes on the football field, the ice, or just to be a stronger & more conditioned individual for whatever life throws at you. Strengthening your posture & positioning will make you a more dynamic individual which is essential for every single sport.

Remember, the most successful athletes in their respective sport are those who are powerful, efficient & well-conditioned. Again, this program is not geared towards building a CrossFit Games Athlete. We will not program technical lifts such as snatching or gymnastic skills such as muscle ups. These are not components to this program’s overall goal.

This free training program will roll out Monday April 9, 2018. Workouts will be posted the night before. 

This program will be designed by Fitness Professional Jesse Sherriff. Check out http://sherriffacademy.com to learn more about individual programming.

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