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PLAY 4/16/18

A.  Back Squat; build to a tough 4 reps in 15 mins B1. Back Squat; 4x4; all @90% of A; rest 90sec B2. Push Press; 4x8; all @tough weight; rest 90sec + #HumboldtStrong Tribute Workout Honouring the tragic accident on April 6th, 2018 where 16 lives were taken. 16 rounds for time: 4 DB cleans 6 push-ups 18 air squats

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PLAY 4/15/18

Week 1 Day 7 REST. Enjoy the rest day. Any questions regarding the programming let us know. Trust the process & we guarantee you'll see results. 

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PLAY 4/14/18

Week 1 Day 6 A1. Dumbbell Bench Press; 4x8; all @moderate; rest 30sec A2. Push Ups; 4x8; make it tough; rest 30sec A3. Dumbbell Bent Over Row; 4x8; all @moderate; rest 30sec A4. Supinated Pull-up; 4xAMRAP; rest 2 mins + 20 mins @easy effort: 1 min jog 1 min step down box jumps (24/20”) 1 min jog 1 min walking lunges

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PLAY 4/13/18

Week 1 Day 5 1. Bench Press; 5x5; all @TOUGH; rest 2 mins 2. Front Rack Split Squat; 3x10; rest 1 min b/t legs; all @TOUGH + 15 min EMOM: min 1- 30sec bike @high effort min 2- 30sec burpees min 3- 30sec KB swings @55/35# Post results to comments.

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PLAY 4/12/18

Week 1 Day 4 REST. Any questions regarding the programming or for individual programming tailored towards your goals don't hesitate to reach out to

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