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PLAY 5/25/18

Hang Power Clean; 7x3; every 2 mins; build to tough 3 reps Supinated Pull-up; 5xAMRAP; every 90sec + 8 min AMRAP: 10 double DB Squats @moderate 10 left arm DB push presses @moderate 10 right arm DB push presses @moderate 40 reverse skips

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PLAY 5/23/18

Push Press; 5x5; all @TOUGH; rest 2 mins Barbell Split Squats; 4x(5-7); rest 1 min b/t legs; all @TOUGH + 5 sets; 1 set every 3 mins: 5 burpees as fast as possible 20sec ALL OUT bike 5 burpees as fast as possible

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PLAY 5/22/18

A1. Deadlift; 5x(4-5); make it tough; rest 20sec A2. Max Effort Broad Jumps; 5x5; rest 2 mins + 10 min AMRAP: 200m run 20 switching jump lunges 10 no jump burpees + rest walk 5 mins + 10 min EMOM: min 1- 30sec Russian Twist with Med Ball min 2- 30sec Russian KB Swings @TOUGH

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PLAY 5/21/18

A1. Back Squat; 4x8; make it tough; rest 10sec A2. Walk In Box Jump; 4x5; use a tough height box; rest 2 mins + 5 sets: 30sec Plank Hold 30sec AMRAP hand release pushups 30sec jump squats rest walk 1 min b/t sets

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